Scientific Research
& Experimental Development
  • experimental development

    to achieve technological advancement to create new materials, devices, products, or processes, or improve existing ones;
  • applied research

    to advance scientific knowledge with a specific practical application in view;
  • basic research

    to advance scientific knowledge without a specific practical application in view;

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Claiming SRED tax refunds is very easy with TM Consultants. If your company has production (production is anything related to technology – metal cutting and forming, software development, printing, furniture design and manufacturing, developing new food recipes, etc.), then it very likely involves some experimentation and can thus be qualified for the SRED program.

Our mission is to make professional estimates and claims to maximize tax credits and refunds. Quite often Canadian companies are unaware that they qualify for SRED tax credits and refunds. Contact us today for free screening. We will maximize your return.

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